단백질 정제 레진

Specialty enzyme

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단백질 정제 레진 - Active Column

WorkBeads™ 40/10000 ACT

Agarose-based resin for chromatography

WorkBeads™ 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT are pre-activated resins
that enable easy and reliable coupling of proteins, peptides and low-molecular weight
substances for the preparation of customized chromatography resins or enzyme reactors.
The bromohydrin active group reacts with thiol, amino and hydroxyl groups.
Two different resin porosities are available to facilitate optimized coupling of ligands of
different sizes, or to optimize the prepared affinity resin for target molecules of different sizes.
• Easy and reliable coupling procedure
• Stable covalent linkage
• Suitable for coupling of ligands containing thiol, amino and hydroxyl groups​



Resin description

WorkBeads are agarose-based chromatographic resins manufactured using a proprietary method
that results in porous beads with a tight size distribution and exceptional mechanical stability.
Agarose based matrices have been successfully used for decades in biotechnology,
from research to production scale purification, due to their exceptional compatibility with
biomolecules including proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and carbohydrates.


WorkBeads resins are designed for separations that require optimal capacity and purity.
WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT pre-activated resins are
a reliable starting material for the preparation of customized chromatography resins.​



Main characteristics of WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT resins


 WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT

 WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT

 Target substance

 Small molecules and peptides

 Small molecules, peptides, proteins, e.g., Immunoglobulins

 Target groups

 Thiol, amino, and hydroxyl groups


 Rigid, highly cross-linked agarose

 Average particle size1 (Dv50)

 45 μm

 Reactive groups


 Exclusion limit

 1 x 106 kDa (globular proteins)

 10 x 106 kDa (globular proteins)

 Max flow rate

 (20 cm bed height and 5 Bar)

 700 cm/h

 700 cm/h

 Reactive-groups content

 250 μmol/ml

 150 μmol/ml

 Chemical stability
 (before coupling2)

 Buffers pH<8.5;

 Chemical stability
 (after coupling3)

 Compatible with all standard aqueous buffers used for protein purification,
 1 M NaOH, 30% isopropanol or 70% ethanol.
 Should not be stored at < pH 3 for prolonged time.​

 pH stability3

 2 – 13 (after coupling)


 2 to 25 °C in 20 % ethanol

1. The median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
2. Avoid substances containing thiol and amino groups.
Substances containing hydroxyl groups will only react if deprotonated.

The unreacted resin is generally stable in alcohols at neutral pH.
3. Agarose matrix and linker. Stability of the coupled substance may differ.
4. The choice of storage conditions for the coupled resin depends on the nature of the ligand.​



Product List

 Product name


 Article Number

 WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT

 Bulk-Media - 50 mL

 40 400 001

 Bulk-Media - 300 mL

 40 400 003

 Bulk-Media - 1 L

 40 400 010

 WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT

 Bulk-Media - 50 mL

 40 450 001

 Bulk-Media - 300 mL

 40 450 003

 Bulk-Media - 1 L

 40 450 010